Exterior Home Cleaning

Reach & Wash System

We use the same revolution in window cleaning solution for exterior cleaning. The Reach & Wash system is versatile enough to also use for house washing.

We use soft bristle brushes to jet ultra-pure water to clean and rinse your house walls, windows and roof.

Ultra-Pure Water

Normal tap water contains dissolved minerals, which leave spots & smears as they are left behind when drying.

5 stages of filtration are used to remove minerals. After filtration there are 0 parts per million of minerals.

Works best on houses with cladding or weatherboards.

High Access

Hi-tech poles allow us to reach walls and windows up to 60 feet high.

Staying on the ground means safety for our workers & security for you. No ladders are required.

Exterior house clean


High Access

Easy access to all wall and windows including difficult to reach areas. Safety first!

Window cleaning with water-fed brush


Ultra-Pure Water

Purified water means your house gets cleaner than its ever been. Book a Reach & Wash clean today.

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