Spring Cleaning

Revitalise your home with a Spring Clean

If you’ve let cleaning your home get the better of you - don’t worry! Book a ‘Spring Clean’
to get your house in order.

You don’t need to wait until Spring to book a spring clean.

If your house hasn’t been cleaned for over 6 weeks then it’s time for a Spring Clean.

You can add our ‘Spring Clean’ to our ‘Domestic Clean’ to give a full and thorough
clean of your home. We spend extra time to lift the extra dust/dirt/grime that
may have built up since the last full clean.

For a full list of what is included in our Spring Cleans please contact us.


When To Book A Spring Clean

We require customers to book a Spring Clean when their house has not been fully cleaned in over 6 weeks.

After this amount of time there will be a build-up of dust/dirt/grime in your home and the Spring Clean allows for the extra time and work required to get your home up to our standards.


Book your Spring Clean now.