Window Cleaning

Reach & Wash System

The next revolution in window cleaning is the Reach & Wash system.

We use soft bristle brushes to jet ultra-pure water to rinse the glass.

Ultra-Pure Water

Normal tap water contains dissolved minerals, which leave spots & smears as they are left behind when drying.

5 stages of filtration are used to remove minerals. After filtration there are 0 parts per million of minerals.

Windows dry naturally without leaving spots behind.

High Access

Hi-tech poles allow us to reach windows, sills  and roofs up to 60 feet high.

Staying on the ground means safety for our workers & security for you. No ladders are required.

Work Higher, Faster & Safer



Easy access to difficult windows and sills, including roof areas.



The average small house takes 32 minutes, including setup time.

Commercial buildings are cleaned up to twice as fast as before.



The Reach & Wash system has helped many 000's of window cleaners to not use ladders.

It's the safest way to clean windows.

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